Ah LinkedIn. In the famous words of the movie Brokeback Mountain, “I can not quit you.” Over the last year and a half, I’ve probably written nearly 1,300 posts. Twice a day, every day. Most of the people who started writing at the time I did have either quit or lessened their efforts considerably. But not me.

Nope. Still going strong.

People have called me admirable for this, a model of consistency, something to look up to. Excuse me for being rude for a second but I don’t agree. It would be more brave if I had the courage to…

I’m on a spiritual quest to awaken. If I were to say this to people in deeply spiritual countries such as Nepal or India, I’d be met with a shrug. “Of course you’re on a spiritual journey, Jon,” they’d say. “We all are. I wish you well.” Here in America, most people won’t be so kind. Worshipping at the altar of More is the capitalist spiritual journey, and straying from them means you’re some hippie that’s ready to join a cult.

No matter. I won’t be quiet about my journey. But it’s mad complicated, yo. You see, my journey involves…

I read a lot of Medium articles, mostly about psychology. Naturally, since psychology is about human behavior, most of these articles are about people’s relationships to others, whether romantic or otherwise.

But I’ve noticed something disturbing about nearly all of these articles. They’re whinefests for the writer who is simply aggrieved at how someone wronged them. That someone tends to be a significant other, or it can be a group of people. This being Medium, white men as a whole make a great punching bag. And I can’t help but feel that people just want to gripe for the sake…

I recently took a vacation (which I call “a trip” since the addition of two young children can never truly be a vacation) and I came back a changed person.

All of my afflictions suddenly went away.

Certainly there was some sort of “subconscious processing” that happened whereby things that bothered me no longer bother me. The incessant trolling, which I have been vocal about as having caused me immense psychological harm, no longer bothers me. At all. …

I’m friends with a young woman in Madagascar. This in and of itself gives me bragging rights as most Americans think of Madagascar as the “movie with the lemur” and don’t give it much thought beyond that.

In any case, this woman is remarkable. On the one hand, she owns a factory, has taught herself to day trade, and was on the front lines delivering COVID shots to folks in her country. If you were to guess her gender based on this description, most of you would assume “she” was a “he,” as these activities are stereotypical done by men.

I admit it: I’ve lost. The trolls, with their incessant vitriol, hatred, and character assassinations, have defeated me. Because of them, I’ve lost clients, business, and LinkedIn followers. But more importantly, I’ve lost piece of mind.

I know that there are hundreds of social media posts tearing me apart, like jackals tearing apart their prey. And this has mentally affected me beyond anything imaginable. Quite frankly, in my entire life, I have never dealt with such a force of delusional hatred. And quite frankly, I can’t handle it.

I know that this Medium blog post is going to be on…

This post is an honest reflection from Shaheer Ali about what it’s like to work with me as a Career Coach. It’s so brilliant, honest, raw, and emotional that I literally started tearing up reading it. Enjoy!

Two Hours with a Career Whisperer That Changed My Life — Tesstimony

By Shaheer Ali

The story begins with a lost and confused graduate. Aimless. Clueless. Penniless. Drifting in the slithering vortex of complexity that’s often known as the “careers world”. Hungry for a bolt of inspiration, I reach for my pockets and take out my phone.

Predictably, I open LinkedIn and begin…

Why do I talk to the young people? It’s the question that lots of people ask, and it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out myself. Why would a 40 something bearded guy talk, guide and mentor young 20 somethings? Shouldn’t I be hobnobbing with other “influencers” or meeting some high ranked corporate C-suite people? Isn’t that what most normal people would do?

Well, yeah, most people would probably do that. And I’ve given a lot of rational answers to the question in the past. I want to give back. I love the energy of the young people. …

She was meant to be a doctor. I’d never said those words before in a coaching session.

She liked controlling people and situations, doing what was best for them. For the people she was closest to, she did the things that she thought they needed regardless of whether they thought they needed them. It was an instinct, a thing that must be done, not something that was part of some idea of “duty.” For instance, she took it upon herself to fill in a very boring and mundane form for her dad because he needed it done. …

Anyone who knows me knows that patience isn’t one of my strong suits. I don’t like to wait in line, or wait for trains, or wait for people to get back to me. I like to be now now now all the time.

And so this is how I’ve approached relationships. Get intense real fast and lock them in while I can before they get away. Ask them to do something major for me, like become a mentee or talk regularly on WhatsApp. …

Jon Tesser

I use data to understand people. I also help early career professionals find career happiness.

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