Five Tips To Build a Successful Personal LinkedIn Community

I’ve been hesitant to write this post detailing my success in building a LinkedIn community because it goes against everything that I preach. It’s a bit vain of me to talk about my “success” as an “influencer” and say that if you just follow my five tips, you too can be as amazing as me! That’s not what I’m about — I’m here to support others however they need it and give them a voice to talk about and reflect on so-called shameful emotions. But! This post is helpful for my community as it gives them ideas about how to get attention and market their own brand. After all, building personal brands is what I’m all about, so while there’s some truth to my vanity, there’s also truth to this being helpful. It’s complicated y’all.

So here’s where my LinkedIn community stands now, and why I’m so amazing. Feel free to skip down to the tips if reading about bragging isn’t your thing. My follower count stands at over 27K, and my posts consistently reach at least 20K viewers per post. I had one post go viral (ironically about “brag posts”, but I did at least recommend using your success to help others), reaching 1.8 million people as of today, and have had a couple of other posts reach at least 100K people. But even better than the numbers are the regular messages that I get from my community thanking me for giving them a voice. I do this all for those who want more realness in this world, and it still amazes me that I have a megaphone to preach this message of inclusivity and radical self awareness in a world that rewards flaunted outward appearances of success.

I also want to emphasize that there’s a significant time investment in building out a community. It took me two years to grow my follower count from 2K to 27K, and I’ve only recently had success as a content publisher. Continuing to build on this momentum has been time consuming as well, so if you’re not ready to spend a lot of effort in doing this, I recommend that you pass altogether, or at least have realistic growth expectations.

Final point: have some idea of an end goal. Why are you building your community? I’m not there yet myself so I can definitely use a dose of my own medicine!

Ok! So, what are my tips? Here ya go:

Know your audience and what they want

My second group is young professionals. There are plenty of “career experts” out there who preach the tactical side of job searching — make the perfect resume, interview like a pro, etc. I decided to tackle the emotional side of what it’s like to job search and be a young professional in an Instagram world of fake happiness. My audience appreciates my realness and feels like I’m personally connecting to their feelings. That authenticity is a must for these folks, who can sniff fairness a mile away.

If you’re not sure who your audience is, then spend some time figuring this out. You can’t be everything to everyone, so know what your message is and why it resonates with your niche. This is the key to any branding, of course, but is particularly important on LinkedIn.

Engage with your community

I also “like” every single share of my posts, and occasionally comment on the shares. If anyone comments on my posts, I “like” those as well and typically respond. This is all basic community management stuff, of course, but in 2020 it’s amazing how few brands, let alone individuals, are following these obvious ways to keep your audience engaged and connected to you.

Let’s be honest: everyone in this world is desperate to be heard and recognized, so give them that gift and they’ll help you in return.

Speak to emotional truths

It’s all about them

Add followers to your flock

So there you have it. This is what has worked for me, but your mileage may vary. Building a personal brand on LinkedIn has been a valuable experience for me, and I hope you enjoy the journey as well.

I use data to understand people. I also help early career professionals find career happiness.