Spiritual Connections Are Real

Jon Tesser
2 min readMay 20, 2021

Why do I talk to the young people? It’s the question that lots of people ask, and it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out myself. Why would a 40 something bearded guy talk, guide and mentor young 20 somethings? Shouldn’t I be hobnobbing with other “influencers” or meeting some high ranked corporate C-suite people? Isn’t that what most normal people would do?

Well, yeah, most people would probably do that. And I’ve given a lot of rational answers to the question in the past. I want to give back. I love the energy of the young people. And young women need more confidence in the workforce, and they’re drawn to my emotional message.

All true. But all wrong.

The reason I connect with young people is because they have open spirits.

What the hell, Jon? Have you fallen off the deep end? What in gods name is an open spirit?

OK, follow me here because things are about to get a little complicated. After over eleven years of personal development work, including weekly therapy and deep meditation, I’ve developed a highly attuned intuition. This helps me with my client work, sure. But it also means, essentially, that I have one of the best authenticity bullshit meters out there. My intuition knows when you’re hiding behind a mask, or when you’re being real with me.

Most older people hide behind masks. And this makes sense. Life kicks the crap out of them, so they don’t want to show their real selves to anyone but family, spouses and a couple of close friends. I liken this mask to the Great Wall of China, which needs to keep out the hordes of Mongolian invaders from showing true authentic vulnerability.

But young peoples’ masks guarding their authentic spirits are more akin to a fence guarding a playground. There’s a little bit of resistance, but not much. Connecting authentically with young people is easy because they don’t fight you off from getting to know them. They easily allow you in to their world, and are happy for you to share their world with them too.

Not all young people show their true spirit to me, in which case I often tell them to “take the mask off.” Obviously this catches them by surprise, but I’m not here to waste my time on Conversations With Masks. However, many young people happily allow me to see who they are, and this level of connection feels amazing. It’s two spirits seeing each other and saying hello on their spiritual journey roads. It’s magical.

So after a long period of personal development solitude, the next phase of my spiritual development has been through other people. Because the young folk are so open, they are a huge part of my continued growth in this portion of my life.

So that’s that. The young people are my spiritual guides, and I hope I’m their guide too. In a cold, calculating, uncaring world, a connection of spirits brings immeasurable warmth to my life. To those who’s spirits I have talked to, I thank you immensely for joining me on my journey.



Jon Tesser

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