The Trolls Have Won

Jon Tesser
3 min readJul 28, 2021

I admit it: I’ve lost. The trolls, with their incessant vitriol, hatred, and character assassinations, have defeated me. Because of them, I’ve lost clients, business, and LinkedIn followers. But more importantly, I’ve lost piece of mind.

I know that there are hundreds of social media posts tearing me apart, like jackals tearing apart their prey. And this has mentally affected me beyond anything imaginable. Quite frankly, in my entire life, I have never dealt with such a force of delusional hatred. And quite frankly, I can’t handle it.

I know that this Medium blog post is going to be on the front page of Your Community Forum, and will get thousands of upvotes, and you’ll throw a party declaring your victory. I hope that you enjoy the sweet taste of what it’s like to wear someone down emotionally, someone you’ve never met or even attempted to get to know, someone that you hate so viciously that you will say anything about them to get at them.

I hope that it feels good to live in a place of hate, that instead of lifting up and inspiring others you need to tear them down just for your LOLZ. I hope you enjoy being a sadist, reveling in the destruction of others and tasting their defeat and humiliation as a wine lover tastes a fine wine.

I had hoped that you would move on, that it would get boring attacking me, that something or someone else would be a better target, but that hasn’t been the case. You continue to pile on me as your source of entertainment, and I know that this post will encourage you to continue to pile on me since “you’ve been recognized.” And there’s nothing that you want more than to be given a space in the spotlight by the person you’re set on destroying. So here you go. Have at it. I’m too tired to fight you.

But know this. You’re all cowards.

Not a single one of you has dared to show your face in real life. None of you have showed up and tried to be an integral part of my community. You have smartly remained in anonymous shadows and feasted on me because the consequences to showing your true selves would mean your own destruction at my hands.

And know this: if I ever meet you, and you do show up and show me your face, I will destroy you.

Don’t believe me? One of your clan members showed up yesterday to troll me in my DMs. I reached out to his boss on LinkedIn and sent him the screen shot of his trolling activity. If you want to come at me, I will find not only your boss, but your CEO, and I will let them know what a piece of shit human being you are.

Because there must be consequences for you for making me use my emotional capital on your bullshit. I treat everyone with the same respect that they treat me. If you wish to take a shot at me, I will cut you down. So give it a try, dear troll. I’m waiting for you with open arms. And perhaps you will be so lucky that I will also share your screen name with my 140,000 plus followers, so you can feel what I feel every day living in the public eye.

I wish that this post never had to be published. I am attempting to be a real person, uplifting others, trying to help. While no one is deserving of hate, it’s even more perplexing how much hate I have received given my uplifting message and willingness to share truths. But so be it. It is what it is, and it is reality.

Oh, and I want to let the trolls know that I have never read a single thing that you’ve said about me. I ignore your beloved community. I have only heard from others what you have said. So if you think that your words are reaching me directly, they’re not. But I have a general sense of the Major Themes, and you’re all disgusting.

So enjoy your victory. I will continue to ignore you, and you will continue to feast. Such is the life I have chosen as a public figure. Congratulations on your Pyrrhic victory, and I hope you get what you deserve.



Jon Tesser

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