White Liberals — You’re Responsible Too

Jon Tesser
2 min readJun 3, 2020

Hey white liberals, get ready to get triggered because I’m going to call you out.

You’re all so ready to march for black lives matter. You’re all ready to post a black photo on Instagram. You’re all ready to make this situation all about you and your feelings and how upset you are. I get it. You want acceptance by society and these actions make you feel accepted. Totally makes sense.

But I don’t for a second believe that you’re really all about racial equality.

White liberals are the ones fighting against integrating schools with poor Hispanics and Blacks. After all, those individuals make schools bad, right? They’ll ruin your child’s experience. Yeah, that’s racist.

White liberals are the one gentrifying historic black neighborhoods with little regard for the prevailing history of historically black neighborhoods. They don’t attempt to get to know the locals. They displace them.

White liberals are the ones who walk down the street, see a black person, and get scared.

White liberals are the ones who get involved with popular movements when they’re trendy and forget about them when they’re not.

White liberals are the people who are high and mighty that they’re not racist, but get uncomfortable when you try and talk about any of these issues that I’m mentioning above.

White liberals mostly hang out with other white liberals and live in a circle jerk where everyone needs to express the right thing or they’re shunned.

White liberal culture annoys me, if I haven’t made it clear. There’s an inherent hypocrisy to it, a refusal to be genuinely open, tolerant and empathetic even though they espouse to these values.

They don’t want to make the effort to really see people, they want to make the effort to be seen as someone who sees people.

If this seems like an overstatement, then argue with me. Tell me that popular white liberal culture isn’t all of these things. But if you’re a white liberal, realize your inherent bias and acknowledge that at least some of what I’m saying is true.

The uncomfortable fact is that you are just as implicit as those “Trump Voter” people that you hate in creating an unequal society.

If you can admit to this, then we’re getting somewhere.



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